Booklet Setup

Here are some simple guidelines to get your booklet job set up and underway!

  • All booklets to be supplied as single page PDF’s not as spreads – This should be supplied as 1 PDF, with pages within. E.g. a 24pp booklet should be supplied as 1 PDF, with 24 individual pages.
  • Select the appropriate binding option for your printing requirements.
  • All saddle stitch booklets to be supplied as single pages. The cover needs to be supplied as single pages not a spread.
  • Ensure that you allow for 5mm (minimum) or 10mm (minimum for 20pages+) internal bleed.
  • Covers on burst bound and perfect bound books as spreads with a spine. Spine width to be confirmed.

Booklet Binding Options
Selecting the correct binding option might be confusing. There are various methods available depending on what your printing requirements may be. See our quick explainations below that may provide some clarity for you!
Saddle Stitching
Used for booklets with a small number of page ie, 6pp, 10pp up to 32pp.
If saddle stitch isn't an option due to the thickness of the book, then it is likely that one of these option below will be right for you.  It is important to ask these two questions when deciding which binding option you will choose: 

  • How frequently will the book be used?
  • How long does the book need to last?

Based on the answers, we will make recommendations to which binding option is appropriate for your book, or you gave view the list below to decide for yourself. 
Burst Binding
Used for booklets with coated pages.

Perfect Binding
Used for booklets with uncoated pages.

PUR Binding
Used for both coated and uncoated pages.
PUR is a strong glue that can be applied to books that will have frequnet usage and/or may need to last for long period of time. PUR is used when standard burst or perfect binding cannot offer the extra durability that PUR can offer.

Section Sewing
Section sewing is the next step up from PUR binding and is used for books that are frequently used and may need to last for a longer time period.  Section sewing offers a more durable finish than PUR (an example of a section sewn book is a street directory.)

Singer Sewn
Singer sewn binding is perfect to give a traditional finish to a printed document. One simple line of sewing holds the collated pages together so the finished book is secure and stylish. This is not  Recommended for large quantities as Singer Sewing is a hand process.