SCODIX - Design for the Best Results

SCODIX looks best when you follow some basic design fundamentals where often LESS can be MORE when adding SCODIX to your design. There are a few rules to follow to achieve the best result when applying SCODIX.
SCODIX - Trim Areas
SCODIX High Build cannot bleed outside of trim area. (Please leave 3mm from the edge of the SCODIX application to the product trim area)

SCODIX - Score Lines
SCODIX High Build cannot be applied over the score/fold areas of a Presentation Folder. (Please leave 3mm from the SCODIX application to the product score/fold area)

SCODIX - Business Cards
SCODIX Business Card options are only available at 90 x 55mm trim size.

Supplying Final Artwork
When supplying final artwork, SCODIX artwork should be supplied as an extra PDF set as 100% Spot Colour named ‘Scodix’.

How to Setup Your Files
Open your artwork in Indesign
Things to Avoid
For the best effects, avoid applying SCODIX to thin lines, small text or finely detailed artwork